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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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washington. >> sean: from its refuseal to call this a war on ter to vocabulary of man caused disasters and overseas contingency operations this administration has shown a consistent inability to face up to you our enemies, in this regard it has been a tough week, banner week for attorney general holder. it appears mr. holder is at a loss when it comes to what may have inspired the recent terror attacks again the united states. look at this exchange i had with texas congressman lamar smith during his appearance before the house judiciary committee. >> do you feel these individuals might have been incited to take the acts they
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did because of radical islam? >> because of? >> radical islam? >> there are a variety of reasons why i think people have taken these actions. >> radical islam could have been one of the reasons? >> there are a variety of reasons. >> was radical islam one? >> there are a variety some are potentially -- >> if you think among those radical islam might have been one of the reasons that the individuals took the steps they did? >> sean: that was tolled by the attorney general's embarrassing admission regarding his stance on the arizona immigration law. >> have you raid the arizona law? >> i have not had a chance to. i've glanced at it i have not read it. >> it is 10 pages shorter than the health care bill which was 2,000 pages long. i'll give you my copy if you would like to have a copy. it is hard to understand how you would have concerns about
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something being unconstitutional if you haven't even read the law. >> sean: does holder have what it takes to serve as the highest law enforcement official? joining us mike huckabee. governor good to see you. >> mike: great to see you. >> sean: before he admitted he wasn't briefed, didn't read the arizona immigration law. he was on "meet the press" saying they are concerned this is about racial profiling, we may file a suit. then had add -- admission -- by the way 17 pages if you print it out. he admits he never read it. >> mike: what has happened this week is that rick holder has made robert gibbs good. he's taken two hits from congressmen from texas, i call it texas two, obama administration zero i was a bad week in admitting he never
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read the law. >> sean: here's the problem, the president himself he has a law background. >> mike: law professor. >> sean: he never read the law. either he didn't read it and he's ignorant in interpreting it properly or politicizing it when he said you might go in an ice cream shop and they will be asking where your papers are. four times it says you cannot racially profile. >> mike: the only way you would get in with an ice cream parlor was if you tried to steal the ice cream before the officer came in. the unfortunate thing is this law is becoming this lightning rod for a debate that ought to have been solved by congress taking care of securing the borders in the first place. what i don't understand is the one constitutional spoken able the president and federal
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government have is to secure borders. they are not responsible for making you buy health insurance, picking ceos, owning car companies, bailing out insurance companies and banks. they are responsible for taking care of the border. what they are responsed -- what they are supposed to do they don't what they are not, they are doing. >> sean: the city council going to boycott arizona did trying to follow suit this girl's basketball team in illinois they won their first conference championship in 26 years they were selling cookies and having bake sales, they can't go. the all-star game may be pulled from arizona now. the purposeful misrepresentation is having an impact. >> mike: i think arizona will spend a lot of money defending itself in court. you can rest assured the aclu is hoping as soon as this law goes into effect in july they can find somebody who can
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claim they were harrassed by the police that this law was violated. where someone asked them first before a legal contact. it could have a chilling effect on people coming forward and telling police officers what they saw in the commission of a crime. >> sean: what do you make of the exchange -- it is almost like who is on first? i don't know is on third. listening to eric holder, thread this needle his unwillingness to admit there were radical or could be radical islamic terrorist detectives to the attempted times square bombing. >> mike: it is inexplicable by this administration has a hard time understanding is jihadism carried out by radical islam. that doesn't mean we casty gate every muslim in the worm. you cannot look at what has happened even in little rock where this guy shoots two
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young soldiers out of recruiting -- at a recruiting station. what happen with the times square car bomber. what has happened with the attempted underwear bomber. every bit is islamic jihadism. >> sean: in every case there's this rush by the administration to tell everybody there is no terrorist connection. this is a lone wolf. every time they turn you out to be wrong. >> mike: this is the polar opposite where we had a conspiracy theory every time when an assassination and we said there was a conspiracy turned out they can only pin it on the loan assassin sin in this case it is part of eight er network of pure evil and we have to call what it it is. >> sean: because of their you unwillingness to do so and their lack of willingness to address there's a real war with a real enemy we have really identified, radical islamists, here's the question, does that weaken, does that
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create a susceptibility, a vulnerability for the american people are we more likely to be an attacked? >> not only more likely attacked but to be able to defend ourselves or preempt it because we are so afraid and that's why you have 80-year-old ladies with blue hair and a walker getting the shake down at an airport. and somebody can come behind them, we don't want to do anything -- >> sean: nobody gets wanted more than me. i have a bull's-eye wand hannity it says on my back. >> mike: then the two of us should never go to an airport together because we'll shut the whole thing down. >> sean: thanks governor. plenty more hannity straight ahead. >> for or against it? >> for it. >> sean: chilling video of the clash between conservative horowitz and a muslim college student. >> that's enough federal
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government of your overreach. >> sean: governor sarah palin makes a bold prediction about the 2010 midterms. plus the teacher who beat >> sean: governor palin was in washington today. she predicts one group of voters will have a major impact this november. >> i think a lot of moms who
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are concerned about government handing our kids the bill generational theft stealing opportunities from the future of america we rise up and moms say come on that is enough and we are going to do something about this! about this! >> sean: look out we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day challenge. my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free.
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. >> sean: sean tonight in your america. chilling video from a college campus here america. unusual exchange between
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conservative david horowitz and a muslim student at the university of california san diego and it was caught on tape. in a minute we'll get reaction from david horowitz. first, take a look at this. >> will you condemn hamas here and now? >> i'm sorry, what? >> will you condemn hamas as a terrorist, -- >> are you asking me to put myself on a cross? if i say something i'm sure i will be arrested. for reasons of homeland security. so please just answer my question. >> if you condemn hamas -- >> if i support hamas. your question forces me to support hamas. >> if you don't condemn hamas obviously, you support it, case closed. i'm a jew the head of hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in israel so he doesn't have to hunt us down globally.
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for it or against it? >> for it. >> sean: wow. here with more the editor of front page magazine david horowitz and mark levin and professor of history at the university of california irvine. david, that's chilling. especially in light of the fact that this is a no-brainer. when she was out there saying i'll be hung from a cross, homeland security will be after me. she is acknowledging in that statement she knows hamas is a terrorist organization. she wouldn't condemn it so she is saying she supports it, checkmate. >> it is a typical mentality of agrees -- aggressor s to present themselves as victims. the really chilling aspect it is going on now across the country. muslim students association is an arm of the muslim brotherhood. i was at you uc san diego because they are holding an apart tide, israel apartheid
5:14 am
week which is a genocidal hate week funded by $40,000 in student funds. centerpiece is an apartheid wall which is a lie because israel security fence has nothing to do with ethnicity. there are a million muslim arabs, palestinians, living in israel with more rights than the palestinians in gaza or west bank or jordan or arabs anywhere in the arab world. that security fence is because of a genocidal campaign, rockets, suicide attacks on israeli civilians that was the only way to stop them. the university there are 23 you haves now attacking israel -- 23 universities now attacking israel. presents jews, murderers of innocence, occupiers of stolen lands. it is an incitement to kill
5:15 am
this woman was honest enough to admit it. >> sean: she was. this is amazing. this student group, correct me if i'm wrong, it got over $40,000 from the university for that semester is that number correct? >> that's right. they are getting it at all the other university us as well. >> sean: marks, your reaction. here's hamas part of its charter is destruction of the state of israel. a student given an opportunity to condemn hamas, a terror group, she wouldn't do it. your reaction? >> first thank you for having me back. before i give the reaction i would like mr. horowitz to answer the young woman's question about this accusation that you made that her organization is an arm of the muslim brotherhood. i haven't seen evidence to that i don't know what that means. these kinds of accusations when someone asks a question instead of answering it you go on the attack about another question and keep provoking
5:16 am
and take a woman who obviously wasn't thinking cogently or coherently and get her to say this nonsense which is hateful, no one is going to argue. still accusations are constantly being made that are not given any support this is part of the same problem. i see mr. horowitz as being the opposite side of the coin with her. what he said just now using the apartheid law, anti-israel, many israel -- israeli jews use this terminology and think the occupies is against the law and against international law. so to make these kind of accusations is like throwing stones when you have a glass house. >> this is both disin with us and dishonest because mark levine is a supporter of the hate leagues and student association. >> no, you cannot say that without proving it. i do not support. prove i support them!
5:17 am
you are lying! i'm calling you a liar on international television. either prove it or take that back, right now. >> sean: wait a minute, let david spoken. >> but he's lying. show me the proof. >> it is hard to talk when somebody is interrupting you all the time. you are at uc irvine one of the worst, the worst in terms of intimidating, harrassing jewish students. you are -- you step in as apologist for these -- >> prove it. >> sean: mark, let him finish. >> okay sorry. >> anybody watching this show can go up on the internet and find you and find what you say. >> that's not proof. >> my question to the woman about hamas was an answer to her question. the muslim brotherhood created hamas. the muslim students association is part of the muslim brotherhood network.
5:18 am
we know this -- >> said who? >> sean: he's answering let him answer. >> we know this because during the holyland foundation trial was an alleged charity funding hamas. the fbi produceed a raid of their offices among the documents
5:19 am
of >> sean: do you condemn hamas has a terror organization? >> absolutely. >> sean: you heard her answer. the question is, why would the student and this organization get any student funds when she won't speak out and condemn a terrorist organization? >> well, you know if you are gonna start making these litmus tests for getting student funds you can look at right wing groups -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: should this student group get any student funds? >> as long as every other student group has the right to get funds regardless of their political views this group has to. you want to make a change against that you have to make it to everyone like the aynifhr rand society who supported the genocide of the american indians. should they be getting student funds? >> sean: last word to david horowitz. >> this man is so dishonest.
5:20 am
look -- >> mr. horowitz you admitted you never even wrote an article about me accusing me of this. >> sean: last word david. >> article written by him appearing in a.j. -- in al jazeera magazine saying hamas is willing to recognize israel and the israelis are liars for saying they don't. hamas has in its charter that islam will obliterate israel. saying that the day of judgment will only come when the muslims kill the jews. >> sean: got to go, thank you. out of time. there is plenty more hannity coming up, straight ahead. please say with us. >> i am very regretful. >> sean: the teacher caught on tape beating a 13-year-old student breaks her silence. alarming details on how the government plans to track your
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>> sean: shocking video of a texas charter schoolteacher viciously beating one of her 13-year-old students has generated outrage from all who have seen it. the teacher sherri lynn davis began beating the student after he allegedly teased one of the classmates. earlier today davis came forward to face the press. >> apologize for the pain that the result of this situation has brought us to. i apologize for this particular incident.
5:26 am
and i am very regretful and sorry that this incident has ever occurred. >> sean: davis' lawyer insists the school may be at fault for this horrific event. >> there is a lot more to the story. there's a lot more to what was going on at that school that is gonna come out. many of y'all been reporting about the problems of this particular charter school. there's a fundamental lack of security, of support and staffing for the teachers to provide a safe environment for these kids to learn in. >> sean: joining me with analysis of the situation are defense attorney jill davis and former prosecutor she is running for ag in florida pam bondy is with us. fundamental lack of security and you support for staffing of teachers to provide a safe
5:27 am
environment. that is not an excuse in this case. there is no excuse, agree? >> well, i was a little surprised when originally she hired a prominent defense attorney in harris county. when he originally spoke he said there would be facts and circumstances that would come out later. when he made the announcement that's what it was, i was a little surprised. what i would have expected to have heard was that, something had occurred before the video, before the video was shot. the students were applauding in the beginning of the video, you can hear it. i thought and a lot of people did that perhaps this teacher had come to the rescue and to the defense of this mentally challenged girl. for him to say something about fundamental security at the school is a little surprising. but he knows what he's doing. sean no he doesn't. jill, look at this video. this teacher is beating this child.
5:28 am
look, maybe the school has problems with security, maybe they do. they will never justify the conduct of this teacher. and the fact well there's a lot more going on in the school and things will come out. none of this matters, because it is the conduct of the teacher here that is going to be judged as this goes forward in the criminal court and in whatever civil court, correct? >> correct. i have to say as you well know, sometime our job as a criminal defense attorney is not to you know do anything but to minimize the punishment. she hasn't spoken without the advice of her attorney. she did come out today and apologize and acted remorseful and had contrition. if his job -- attack is the theory of defense is going to be to minimize the punishment, she needs to show some remorse and not blame it on the
5:29 am
school. i'm hearing two different things. she does seem to take responsibility. >> sean: no. no. no. no. >> i would have gone with -- harris county has not decided what criminal chargeses to file. >> sean: let me go to pam here. i'm sorry for they vent that it occurred. she beat the living daylights out of a child. look how terrified that kid is! none of this is gonna fly. >> the video is horrific. she wasn't reforceful. she wasn't apologetic until the video released. this happened in april. she wasn't remorseful until the video came out. now we know she had pending criminal mischief charges for slashing someone's tires. this is a tiny boy. look at the size difference.
5:30 am
highs cowering in a corner beat anyone the head. >> sean: slapped, beaten, kicked, punched. >> dragged. it is outrageous. and the possibility that even another teacher was present when that happened is absolutely morally reprehensible. >> sean: i totally agree with you pam. you are the defense attorney jill, what would you fight -- what should the punishment -- i look at that video, 10 years minimum in jail. no chance for parole. what should -- >> under texas law injury to a child i would imagine it will be -- it depends on what the mental state of mind was of the alleged victim. >> sean: let's say you are a mother. just stand back put your defense attorney hathaway for a minute. looking at the video. knowing what we know. what would justice be here?
5:31 am
>> believe me, friends called me about this case. who isn't mortified. >> sean: how many years in jail? >> the maximum is gonna be to 10 if it is injury to a child. i don't know they can get to a second degree felony which would be two to 20 because of -- i think the facts as we see 'em if it stands if they -- >> sean: pam real quick. >> she should face the maximum, no question. she was entrusted to protect and teach our children. she violated that maximum penalty, no question. >> sean: i'm with you. thank you both for being with us. we appreciate it. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back a great, great, great american panel is next. ♪ ♪ we'll begin with a spin
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you >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. she's a chicago radio personality and columnist for the sun times, betsy hart is back. former mayor of providence, rhode island the chief political analyst for abc 6 news vincent buddy cianci. she's a senior adviser at the think tank democratic strategist alicia menendez is back with us. guys good to see you. i'm having a hard time wrapping my arms around what
5:36 am
we were discussing with governor huckabee. our attorney general repeatedly for 2 1/2 minutes will not admit we have radical islam as an enemy. the second thing is, he went on "meet the press" last sunday and says this arizona immigration law encourages profiling, we may file a suit. later in the week admits he never read the law. >> it's absurd. for the attorney general the chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america to say he hasn't read the law also examine pausing -- espousing all these things he's going to do. politically he wanted to get in early on that pro islamic terrorist movement. i thought the biggest put-down is when that congressman said do you want to read my copy of bill. >> sean: it is only 10 pages. when you print it out it is 16 pages. >> it happened in the same hearing. at least the news stories
5:37 am
stepping on each other. when it comes to the idea that islamic terrorism is something we should step back and north call what it it is, what concerns me is he seems to be an intelligent man. i find it impossible to believe you cannot see the facts as they are. that tells me something sells going on? is political correctness more important? is it just all out fear? i don't know what is going on there. whatever it is, it concerns me. i have to believe he knows the truth. >> i have a different take. i don't think he's trying to say that radical islam is not a threat. i think he was trying to be more precise in his language and say we have many threats. there are many reasons. >> sean: no. >> listen the fact that he didn't read it is unforgiveable. >> sean: look this is the same administration where sherlock napolitano our great homeland
5:38 am
security secretary wouldn't use the term war on terror. >> what are they afraid of? >> sean: they are politically correct and afraid to identify who the enemies of this country are buddy, that's the problem. >> that's because political correctness is more important to them than protecting -- >> actions speak louder than words. we've invested more money and troops in afghanistan. >> it is like saying the girl scouts have nothing to do with girl scout cookies. look all all that has happened -- [ talking over each other ] >> what action have they taken? >> i'm talking about all of the troops and investment we've made in afghanistan. >> sean: he didn't give the generals everything they asked for. he's cutting troops' pay as we speak. cutting back on military spending. the only area he wants to cut is the military. he's retreating -- in every
5:39 am
race there's an impulse and compulsion betsy to tell the american people this is not connected to terrorism. we find out in every case it is connected to terrorism. >> like the see no evil idea. we had more terrorist attacks and attempts on american soil since he's taken office with this mr. nice guy approach than ever under president bush. >> how many things have we had in the last few months that totally tied. not much of a stretch. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the new york situation, the underwear bomber. >> sean: they say it is a loan wolf. >> when are we gonna learn that they are against us. >> who is they? we have many -- they need to be precise about going after -- >> are they our friends? >> no! >> they are tempting to be
5:40 am
more precise. >> diplomatic? >> sean: i think he has disqualified himself to be the attorney general. >> i didn't read the bill, five or six page bill. that was the most embarrassing thing. >> how many members of the obama administration will you have taken down? >> sean: me personally? if my way -- >> seems like you are going one by one. >> sean: we have a long list. we'll come back and have -- wait until you see this. we just set up childhood obesity wing at the white house. wait until you hear what the wait until you hear what the president ordered for lchch okay, one more time. where do we stand? less travel? more video conferences? limit theell phone minutes. that's not good enough. we're not leaving this room unless we can t something else. can they really keep us here? what about all this stuff? what stuff? all this stuff. what does it cost to create all this? time, fort, people.
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you >> sean: we continue with our great american panel. there was a great story broken congress and our government is going to states that get grants they are going to monitor the bmi or body mass
5:45 am
index of kids 2 to 18. this week they announced a white house task force on childhood obesity. let pace go to our cigarette-smoking president ordering food yesterday in new york. this is him in the restaurant. he orders 10 chicken wings and a few extras. he says i think i'll take fries with that do you want fries or onion rings? he says both. and what kind of cigarettes does he smoke marlboro? and three marlboros after i'm done eating. explain this to me. >> let's not call the president out because he likes chicken wings. i love 'em too. with this bill they want to pass which is going to measure the bmi of everybody to do
5:46 am
that and support this bill, george orwell would blush. to try to in people's privacy. this doesn't bother me. the president there are some who say let the president have what he wants. >> sean: i have no problem with that at what point does the nanny state stop? monitoring how much salt intake you can get in a restaurant. putting in food, you go to mcdonald's they got to tell me how many calories are in a big mac. >> that's to allow you to make choices on your own. lots of people don't know whether they should have a big mac or chicken sandwich. >> sean: do you think they are stupid? >> no it is a matter of having as much information as possible to make the best decisions. >> sean: i love big macs and quarter pounders and i eat them a lot. >> before all of that stuff came out and we had the marvelous information americans were thinner. looking at this bill that has
5:47 am
been proposed now all the children will have to have their bmi's assessed and reported. >> sean: where are of the -- where are the parents? >> you have congressman date we do this reporting, welcome to obamacare. 25% of america's children are on food stamps. that's part of the irony there. >> sean: your sauce is low sodium. >> i wish i had a jar. put 200 kids through college, low sodium, no transfats and no cholesterol. >> buddy's product has all the new -- nutritional information on the front that is important that you put the label out and make it easy for people. >> sean: cigarette smoking, onion ring, french fry and cheese burger -- why won't she
5:48 am
lecture him first. >> i'm sure she does. >> with all these labels and that is nice we do and that can be helpful we do have an obesity problem. it goes back to parenting. >> sean: i love junk food. i have one solution either i bring it in the house and eat it all or i don't bring it in the house. so i don't bring it in the house. >> i monitor what my kids eat, we don't have sodas in the house. >> if they had put a piece of broiled fish in front of him and the hamburgers or the buffalo wings, we all know the cure. we know don't smoke, don't ding, go to bed early. -- don't drink, go to bed early. lately i go to bed early u early in the morning. >> sean: i'm leaving after the show and i'm getting a mcdonald cheese burger, fry and a shake. thanks guys. when we come back the man who
5:49 am
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>> sean: he's award winning comedian/actor best known on "saturday night live" the always funny jay mohr out with you a new book. the one and only jay mohr. your father drank? >> both my mom drank more than my dad. not any more, they gave it up. >> sean: the reason you are here because of don imus, you know that? do you do that to him? >> no. >> sean: he's going to be mad at me. you said something in this book that is really true.
5:54 am
first of all, you even said, having a son turned you into a total, i forget the words you use. >> you can't say it on television. about being soft. the curse word for being soft. you have a baby you are talking walks, putting flowers in your son's face. >> sean: and you start crying what was that about? >> they do these ridiculous things. there are so many milestones in a kid's life. a lot is what we do wrong as a parent and we celebrate when your child walks and talks. if walking was that a big deal we should still be celebrating. i should have went look at sean! >> sean: hanging in there. >> two weeks go by you don't care. the real milestones are class pictures. it is really sad when your kid stops their speech impediment. when my son starts saying
5:55 am
yellow instead of lellow. what happened to that little guy? >> sean: the worst thing i did was teach my kids now talk because now they talk back. >> my wife says one day he's going to talk regular and you going to miss all that stuff. that's a lot of book. when he stopped saying doddy. one day he comes in and he goes hey dad! no, where is the baby that used to walk around like a drunken say already. >> sean: it is like lightning. >> it happened while i was watching. he comes down he has his school uniform on he combs his own hair. which is a miracle because boys are dumb. every woman out there that watches the show that thinks their husband is dumb. imagine them at five without a driver's license or a job we are just evolved this much. you got a boy and you to tell him to take a bath, go put on
5:56 am
your pajamas, dry your body. because they don't know. >> sean: take a bath they put the shower on. then they come out that was a great shower dad. now go in it. >> ever had them fake the water? you hear from the other room. bill cosby used to say they don't know sound travels. >> sean: you said something about your dad and past generations. my father did say i love you. you were you upset your father did not say it. >> he was an aloof guy. now he's i will . he's like bob newhart. i needed a lot of attention as a kid. i went bananas. >> sean: that's how you became a comedian, you needed an audience. >> imagine if i never picked up a microphone i would be in prison by now. i say in this book, especially
5:57 am
every generation a father gives more than what they have. you give to your father, you give to your son. my father i said what is the easiest part about parenting? my father's answer was loving unconditionally. he's affectionate, -- >> sean: now fathers go to parks. in the old days you didn't see fathers in the park. >> he was probably fistfighting another father. there's a chapter in the book called why do you find me so f---ing interesting. kids can't play without coming in 14 minutes later, come watch us we are hopping. when we were kids we left the house and tried to avoid contact with anyone. we would make fort s. as soon as someone you found the fort that was the best part because you get to destroy your own fort . >> sean: what is up with you and your wife putting on diapers? >> my son was very difficult to potty train, it took a long
5:58 am
time. maybe it feels better than we know. we went to the market he was at his grandparents. we went to buy diapers huggies one through 50, hung guys with wings if your -- huggies with wings if your kid is gay. >> sean: send it to him. >> tell me i'm a liberal hollywood whack job so liberal i'm sitting with my friend sean. my wife and i saw the adult diapers and started giggling. we went home and tried them on. >> sean: she went first. >> you don't understand this is a joke for people. she said no, i'm peeing right now. i was jealous. i kept drinking water. finally i went. >> sean: with great pleasure. >> it feels fantastic. i drive to vegas 40 times a year. >> sean: wait until you are 90 and you have to wear one. >> if i could drive to vegas with a diaper, i would be like
5:59 am
that astronaut, i would make it in two hours. >> sean: i listen to you on imus, opie and anthony who got you on this program and an you are attacking him. >> i love him. >> sean: i don't know where you stand politically. what did you say in the book? first of all you point out something that is true, we are too busy with our blackberries. job, job, raising our kids. are you a hollywood liberal? are you political at all? i've never gotten any indication where you stand politically? >> i'm a registered independent. >> sean: that is such a cop-out. >> i won't legitimize either party with my affiliation. a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. >> sean: you have been mugged? >> no but i made enough where i want to go to the conservative side. >> sean: you want to keep your money? >> yeah.


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